10 Keratometry Quiz Questions

Keratometry Quiz Questions

10 Keratometry Quiz Questions

1. What is the primary purpose of keratometry?

   a. Measure intraocular pressure

   b. Evaluate corneal curvature

   c. Assess lens opacity

   d. Determine retinal health

2. Which unit is used to express corneal curvature in keratometry?

   a. Diopters

   b. Millimeters

   c. Pascals

   d. Centimeters

3. What part of the keratometer is used to measure the curvature of the cornea?

   a. Prism

   b. Retinoscope

   c. Placido disc

   d. Mires

4. In keratometry, what does the term “diopter” represent?

   a. Corneal thickness

   b. Lens power

   c. Corneal curvature

   d. Pupil size

5. Which type of astigmatism can be assessed using keratometry?

   a. Axial astigmatism

   b. Corneal astigmatism

   c. Refractive astigmatism

   d. Lenticular astigmatism

6. What is the purpose of using a mire target in keratometry?

   a. Measure anterior chamber depth

   b. Evaluate corneal irregularities

   c. Assess lens opacity

   d. Determine pupillary distance

7. During keratometry, if the mires appear stretched horizontally, what type of astigmatism is likely present?

   a. With-the-rule astigmatism

   b. Against-the-rule astigmatism

   c. Oblique astigmatism

   d. Irregular astigmatism

8. What does the term “keratometric reading” refer to in keratometry?

   a. Corneal thickness

   b. Corneal curvature measurement

   c. Pupil size

   d. Lens power

9. Which of the following is a common unit of measurement used in keratometry readings?

   a. Inches

   b. Degrees

   c. Dots

   d. Millimeters

10. What is the purpose of using a Keratometer Index Adjustment (KIA) in keratometry?

    a. To account for corneal irregularities

    b. To measure lens power

    c. To determine retinal health

    d. To assess intraocular pressure

Answers to Keratometry Quiz Questions:

  1. b. Evaluate corneal curvature
  2. a. Diopters
  3. c. Placido disc
  4. c. Corneal curvature
  5. b. Corneal astigmatism
  6. b. Evaluate corneal irregularities
  7. b. Against-the-rule astigmatism
  8. b. Corneal curvature measurement
  9. d. Millimeters
  10. a. To account for corneal irregularities
Keratometry Quiz Questions

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